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Cardno forms joint venture partnership with M&J Engineering

Cardno is pleased to announce the formation of a Mentor-Protégé agreement through the Small Business Administration (SBA), and a Joint Venture partnership with M&J Engineering, P.C. of New Hyde Park, New York. The partnership, M&J Engineering – Cardno, LLC, officially began on June 18, 2019, and extends for at least two years.

“We’re pleased to join this mentor-protégé partnership with this rapidly growing firm that has been part of significant projects for local and state agencies and the federal government,” said Cardno Americas CEO Susan Reisbord. “We look forward to collaborating with and learning from them while we seek new projects for current and new clients.”

Joint Venture Logo

“We are currently participating in the SBA Sponsored Mentor Protégé Program with Cardno to provide engineering solutions to federal government clients,” said M&J Engineering’s Senior Vice President, and President of the newly formed LLC, Asad Malik. “We are looking forward to strengthening our strategic partnership with Cardno and pooling our resources to help complete vital projects for local, state, and federal government agencies.”

M&J employs about 155 people, including architects, electrical, environmental, mechanical, sanitary and highway engineers, and construction inspectors in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and California. M&J provides innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to government and private clients with a vision to improve critical infrastructure that effects people nationwide.