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Cardno experts ‘reimagining our Water Future’ at Ozwater 2021

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Ozwater 2021 kicks off on May 4 tackling the big issues of water security, water resilience, sustainability, climate change, and the circular economy. The underlying question is – how do we, in a climate-changing world, see and guarantee the future of our water. Four of Cardno’s water and environment experts take the literal and virtual stage at this year’s conference in Adelaide, discussing water treatments all the way through to potable water and efficient electricity pumps.

Tuesday 4th May

Headshot photo of Cardno employees James Curtis and Oscar van Paassen

(L-R) Oscar van Paassen & James Curtis

Oscar van Paassen shares the journey taken by Cardno and Wellington Water Limited to provide potable water to Wellington residents in the event of an earthquake. The Community Infrastructure Resilience (CIR) project was the delivery of an above-ground emergency water network to provide water to residents after a significant earthquake. 

It required close collaboration with the four local councils, Central Government, emergency management organisations, and other regional utilities.

Oscar will discuss the project from inception to commissioning, along with the takeaways that are valuable in resilience planning for infrastructure at risk from any natural disaster.

James Curtis will present his fast five on how inefficient power pumps could be stopping councils, governments and others from reaching their environmental sustainability goals. He’ll cover the methodology, results and pump improvements needed to ensure efficient pumps and benefit to the bottom line.

Wednesday 5th May

Catriona Sutcliffe and Scott Francis join forces to explain the processes behind Cardno’s support of Logan Water’s target of destination zero: nutrient offsets to achieve zero net nutrient emissions.

The Logan River is under significant stress from vegetation clearing, farming practices and other detrimental factors resulting in nutrient levels exceeding nominated water quality level for the system.

Headshot photo of Cardno employees Scott Franics and Catriona Suttcliffe

(L-R) Scott Francis & Catriona Sutcliffe

They’ll discuss the process to identify the most effective technologies to treat wastewater ensuring it is safe for the growing community, and how to manage the environmental impacts by offsetting nutrients discharged to the Logan River through riparian restoration schemes. Their presentation highlights a new way to look at nutrient management which results in benefits for the environment and the broader Logan community.

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