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Cardno experts join podcast to explore the definition of ESG services

Cardno delivers insight at the local, international, and global levels about issues relevant to many of the ESG frameworks and conversations taking place around the world.

The podcast panel discussion includes a focus on environment, biodiversity, climate, modern slavery, and human health. 

Cardno’s Global Senior Principal for Sustainability Chris Kline, Senior Strategy & Transformation Consultant Seth Yoskowitz, and Senior Supervising Health Scientist Natalie Egnot joined the team from strategic communications firm Antenna to discuss Cardno’s full range of ESG services.

Listen to the podcast 

Cardno leaders participate in ESG discussion on Raising Your Antenna podcast.

The Raising Your Antenna podcast covers a wide range of topics including:

  • How Cardno assists at all stages of solar and renewable projects
  • Climate change and economic development challenges in the developed world
  • Workplace safety and the importance of human health and science-based decision making for employers, and
  • The impact and risk of modern slavery within supply chains.
"This conversation really highlights the full approach we offer to keep stakeholders engaged on the factors that matter when examining how well organizations are performing in these spaces. Our team thanks Keith Zakheim for moderating the discussion and kudos to Antenna’s ongoing efforts in making meaningful change leading to results that matter." – Global Senior Principal for Sustainability and ESG Chris Kline

ESG services at Cardno:  

  • Governance and policy support to integrate sustainability into corporate culture and business operations
  • Environmental systems analysis
  • Health risk management assessment and support
  • Built asset resiliency, particularly focused on climate risk
  • Natural resources assessment, management, and restoration
  • Modern slavery support
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Green house gas analysis, benchmarking, and target setting

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For more information, contact:

Chris Kline
Global Senior Principal for Sustainability and ESG

Nancy Cline
Vice President of Marketing & Communications | Americas Region