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Cardno duo present at Asset Management Council’s AMSpeak online event

Australia’s premier asset management conference, AMPEAK, was scheduled to take place in Melbourne this week, but due to the current COVID-19 situation, its traditional face-to-face format was exchanged for a more alternative and digital approach.

The challenge presented led the Asset Management Council to take a unique and creative approach to ensure the conference would continue, launching “AMSpeak” in its place.

AM Speak allowed asset management professionals access to leading asset management through an online platform, starting on Monday 21 April and finishing Wednesday 22 April.

Regional Senior Principal - Asset Management, Aneurin Hughes presented “12 rules for successful asset management” on Tuesday, supported by Business Leader - Asset Management, Stephen Walker.

In their presentation, Aneurin and Stephen drew on their combined experience to encourage asset managers to go beyond technical guidelines and standards, and instead focus on people and leadership to achieve and sustain improvement in asset management.

Aneurin Hughes (L) & Stephen Walker (R)

During the presentation, Aneurin spoke on how a human-centric approach helps in driving success in asset management.

“It’s easy to get attracted by ‘silver bullets’ but in reality, they don’t exist,” Aneurin said.

“Improving asset management takes commitment and relentless hard work across the organisation,”

“Its people who drive success in asset management and that requires collaboration.”

We are a proud corporate member of the Asset Management Council, and a big thank you goes to them for their quick thinking and hard work to make AMSpeak a reality.

For more information contact:

Stephen Walker
Business Leader - Asset Management
Phone: +61 7 3100 2153

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