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Cardno discusses ways to improve our communities through resilient infrastructure

Cardno’s Peter Knee, Country Manager - Philippines, presented Case Studies from Pacific Island Countries during the ‘Designing Resilient Transport Infrastructure’ session at the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) 2017 International Infrastructure Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 3, 2017.

Making infrastructure resilient to natural disasters including the impacts of climate change encompasses both structural and nonstructural measures. In his presentation, Peter focused on those design elements that address climate change impacts and disaster risk management for transport infrastructure in the environmentally-fragile nation states in the Pacific region.

Structural measures for improving resilience of transport infrastructure include increasing the levels of bridges and roads and ports to accommodate higher flood levels, increasing waterway areas, and strengthening structural elements to mitigate stronger winds and wave action and seismic forces. Nonstructural measures are those that we can implement at the planning stage including risk-sensitive planning, hazard mapping, evacuation planning in urban areas, and locating infrastructure in less sensitive areas.

Peter Knee has nearly 30 years’ experience in transport and road engineering and has worked internationally in the United Kingdom, Solomon Islands, Zambia, Lesotho, Ukraine, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Australia. He is backed with an impressive resume of major international development projects he has led throughout the Pacific and South East Asia.

One recent, significant project that Peter managed is the Institutional Capacity Development component of the World Bank funded National Roads Improvement and Management Project (Phase 2) to institutionalise the planning systems for all national roads and bridges under management of the Philippine Department of Public Works and Highways.

His diverse experience across a range of specialty areas includes institutional strengthening, capacity building, pavement design, contract management, procurement, site supervision, quality assurance, asset management, pavement management, bridge management, feasibility studies, strategic planning, work programming, labour based road maintenance and community participatory methods. Peter is the Country Manager - Philippines at Cardno and is based in Manila.

For more information contact:

Peter Knee
Country Manager - Philippines
+63 2 621 9429