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Cardno ChemRisk publishes white paper sharing guidance for arenas and stadiums as they advance towards normal operations

Cardno ChemRisk’s COVID-19 team of scientists published a white paper to assist owners of arenas and stadiums as these facilities begin to explore reopening in the weeks ahead.

The paper examines some of the unique challenges for arenas and stadiums, particularly the sheer size of staffing operations and attendees, seating proximity, the high level of contact among athletes, and the number of third-party vendors. Further guidance is provided around topics including tailgating and parking, crowd control, restrooms, and intermission and other game pauses.

Whitepaper Image on COVID-19 Advancing Towards Normal Operations for Arenas and Stadiums

White Paper: Advancing Towards Normal Operations for Arenas and Stadiums

In addition, the paper offers guidance for managers and owners of these venues to focus on crowd control and mitigation, physical distancing, disinfection and hygiene, and verification that third parties have adequate infection control, case management, and communication plans in place.

“This white paper describes how owners of large sporting venues can build in several layers of protection as they reopen,” said one of the white paper’s authors, Cardno ChemRisk Health Scientist Dr. Corey Boles. “These layers of protection can help those managing arenas and stadiums effectively respond, adapt, and adjust to ongoing COVID-19 risks.”

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Cardno ChemRisk scientists are working with clients to adapt best work practices, conduct internal risk assessments, and create employee educational materials to understand the potential effects that the COVID-19 pandemic may have on business. Learn more about their work on our website.

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