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ChemRisk publishes white paper shares insights and recommendations for reopening sporting venues

Cardno ChemRisk’s COVID-19 support team has published a white paper to deliver guidance to sporting venues as these facilities begin to explore reopening in the weeks ahead.

The paper looks closely at the unique challenges sporting venues face from the COVID-19 pandemic. Issues considered in the white paper include staffing operations and attendance, seating proximity, and the high level of contact among athletes. The authors of the paper share some of the key questions sporting facilities should ask as they begin to reopen for staff, visitors, and athletes.

White Paper: Advancing Towards Normal Operations for Sporting Venues

The paper offers general recommendations for particular actions at sporting venues, like the control of entry and exit, food and beverage services, equipment for employees, and specific disinfection measures. The authors summarize specific infection prevention challenges at selected kinds of venues, such as bowling alleys, golf courses, and swimming pools.

“The size of attendance at many sporting venues presents one of the more unique reopening challenges,” said study author Supervising Health Scientist Natalie Egnot. “Reopening sporting events will involve aspects of crowd control and mitigation, and this paper takes a wide look at some of our recommendations to develop a strong and flexible reopening plan.”

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Cardno ChemRisk scientists are working with clients to adapt best work practices, conduct internal risk assessments, and create employee educational materials to understand the potential effects that the COVID-19 pandemic may have on business. Learn more about their work on our website.

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