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Cardno ChemRisk publishes white paper on building a risk assessment-based product stewardship program

Cardno ChemRisk has published a new risk management white paper in partnership with Financial Asset Recovery Analytics (FARA).

Titled “Leveraging Science to Inform Proactive and Reactive Risk Management,” the white paper outlines the risk assessment framework and discusses the benefits of establishing a risk assessment-based product stewardship program.

The paper examines how companies can use risk assessment to effectively identify and mitigate hazards or risks – both before and after their supply chain is impacted.

Cardno ChemRisk Health Scientist Caroline Gillie and Senior Associate Health Scientist Allison Killius authored the white paper with Holland Sullivan, Chief Strategy Officer of FARA Recovery.


Senior Health Scientist Caroline GIllie and Senior Associate Health Scientist Aliison Killius

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