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Cardno ChemRisk publishes white paper offering guidance for return to normal operations for workplaces

Cardno ChemRisk’s COVID-19 support team has published a white paper to assist businesses as they begin to cautiously shift their attention toward planning a safe return of their business operations.

The paper emphasizes the importance of establishing a robust and flexible reopening plan to help protect businesses’ employees, employee families, business partners, and communities.

The team outlines the priorities for returning to normal business operation, including maintaining a healthy work environmental for all employees and staying informed of preparedness plans at all levels of government and within the relevant industry.

White Paper: Guidance for Return to Normal Operations for Workplaces

The white paper reviews current guidance in the United States and internationally as well as industries relevant to higher-risk operations. Additional areas examined include heating, ventilation and air conditioning; indoor environmental quality; facility-specific considerations, and the stages of response, transitions, and triggers.

“This paper offers an overview of the fundamental aspects of creating and following a RNBO plan,” said one of the white paper authors, Health Scientist Corey Boles. “A staged, flexible, and facility-specific approach can help organizations transition back to normal operations with the understanding that companies are following local, state, and federal public health guidelines.”

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Cardno ChemRisk scientists are working with clients to adapt best work practices, conduct internal risk assessments, and create employee educational materials to understand the potential effects that the COVID-19 pandemic may have on business. Learn more about their work on our website.

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