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Cardno ChemRisk publishes white paper offering guidance for non-sporting entertainment venues

Cardno ChemRisk’s COVID-19 support team has published a white paper to assist entertainment venues as these facilities begin to explore reopening in the weeks ahead.

The paper provides general, practical guidelines for a number of entertainment and educational establishments. The guidelines aim to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 and assume venues adhere to local, state, and federal health guidelines. The recommendations are framed around each venue’s leadership team being acutely aware of when, how, and why crowds form in their space and the locations of the most frequently-touched surfaces.

White Paper: Advancing Towards Normal Operations for Entertainment Venues

The paper includes a table outlining the unique challenges and infection prevention control options for specific kinds of venues, such as amusement and water parks, movie theaters, dance halls, and museums. The paper shares some of the unique challenges faced by particular venues and the unique solutions developed by those venues.

“The guidelines in these paper begin with the knowledge that no two entertainment venues are the same and therefore the challenges they face are unique as well,” said one of the white paper authors, Managing Health Scientist Justine Parker. “Any plans to reopen these kind of venues should feature a close review of how those facilities can establish multiple layers of protection.”

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Cardno ChemRisk scientists are working with clients to adapt best work practices, conduct internal risk assessments, and create employee educational materials to understand the potential effects that the COVID-19 pandemic may have on business. Learn more about their work on our website.

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