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Cardno ChemRisk launches contaminated sites webinar series on Sept. 21

Titled “Comparative Hazards Across PFASs: Pitfalls in Regulating as a Single Chemical Class,” the webinar will provide an overview of the potential human and environmental hazards of several commonly-used PFASs, illustrating how varying chemical properties can lead to substantial differences in the fate and transport, biological persistence, and ultimately, mammalian toxicity across the PFASs.


Contaminated soil with runoff

This webinar will be hosted by Cardno ChemRisk consumer product experts – Supervising Health Scientist Heather N Lynch, MPH and Senior Managing Health Scientist Marisa Kreider, PhD, DABT, who will discuss how these differences combined with a lack of data on many individual PFASs pose a unique challenge for the risk assessment and regulation of PFASs. Recent developments in grouping approaches and considerations for future risk management strategies will also be discussed.

The webinar is the first in a series with additional contaminated sites webinars available later in the year.

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