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Cardno CEO announces improved gender pay gap results

Cardno CEO and Managing Director Ian Ball, has released Cardno’s pay gap results.

Since late last year, Cardno has been reviewing its pay gap and taking action, resulting in a reduced pay gap for employees paid in US Dollars by 47%, and its pay gap for employees paid in Australian Dollars by 32%.

Cardno is ahead of national benchmarks in the United States and Australia.

National Benchmarks Cardno Pay Gap 
(Gross Variance*)
Cardno Pay Gap 

US Census 18.2%

USD: 10.2%

USD: 2.4%

WGEA 16.2% AUD: 14.7%

AUD: 5.0%

Cardno’s pay gap was reduced by a number of strategic actions including: salary reviews, position classification reviews, and unconscious bias awareness.

Further analysis is being undertaken to determine the factors contributing to the pay gap which could include: professional certifications, years of experience, education and seniority.

“We are committed to addressing our gender pay gap at Cardno as well as being transparent about how we are tracking,” said Ian Ball.

“As a Consult Australia Male Champion of Change and a newly appointed WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador, I intend to keep pay gap reduction high on the agenda, both within Cardno and in our industry discussions,” he said.

Ian Ball explained why Cardno has focused on strategies and initiatives to improve gender balance across the company. These initiatives include: reducing the pay gap, improving parental leave, as well as gender parity in opportunities such as appointments of principals in our technical excellence program.

“We are focused on this because ultimately, we want Cardno to be a diverse and inclusive workplace where every employee has access to the same opportunities to develop their careers and can contribute to our success,” he said.

*The Gross Variance Pay Gap is the difference between men’s and women’s average base salary and does not compare like-for-like roles.
**The Adjusted Pay Gap compares like-for-like roles; the difference between women and men performing the same job.

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