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Cardno brings on Undergraduates as part of the CareerTrackers program!

One of the actions Cardno has committed to as a part of our Reconciliation Action Plan is to improve employment outcomes by increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment, retention and professional development. To help this become a reality Cardno has partnered with CareerTrackers to give two Indigenous students the opportunity to come on board as summer interns. 

CareerTrackers is a national not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to create pathways and provide support systems for Indigenous students to graduate from university with good grades, industry experience and everything they need to start a promising career.

Daniel Chui-Clark and Bill Riches

Our two interns are Bill Riches, Undergraduate Scientist, based in the Perth office and Daniel Chui-Clark, Undergraduate Engineer based in Brisbane.

While interning at Cardno, Bill and Daniel will be mentored by industry experts, guiding them while they gain real world experience on the job to kick start their careers.

CareerTrackers Program Director, Hannah Turnbull says “Partnering with Cardno is so advantageous to our students."

"The future of work is STEM, and as we continue to invest in our students and community for more STEM uptake in tertiary education, it’s crucial that companies like Cardno join us in developing that pipeline of talent.”

We welcome our interns and look forward to helping them kickstart their careers.