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Cardno at the 25th NSW Coastal Conference 2016

Cardno is pleased to sponsor the 25th NSW Coastal Conference 2016 in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales from 9- 11 November 2016.

The Conference will showcase the best of applied and research projects, including Cardno’s work monitoring on the ecological outcomes of the sinking of Ex-HMAS Adelaide off the NSW Central Coast to form an artificial dive reef.

Cardno’s work in the development and application of the Sydney Harbour Ecological Response Model (SHERM) will also be highlighted by Greater Sydney Local Land Services. The SHERM project involved the development of a high resolution three-dimensional hydrodynamic model of the Harbour and its tributaries integrated with catchment pollutant export models. This helped simulate and predict the transport as well as fate of pollutants and phytoplankton dynamics under varying weather and land use management scenarios.

Cardno has offered specialist coastal engineering and marine ecological services for over 35 years. These services have expanded now to include the full spectrum of planning, consultation, data collection, numerical modelling, and detailed design.

Consistent with our value of sustainability, Cardno is sponsoring the Conference drink bottle to reduce plastic waste to the coastal environment.

For more information contact:

Louise Collier
Senior Principal – Environment & Sustainability
P: +61 2 9496 7700

Emma Maratea
Senior Engineer
P: +61 2 9496 7700