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Cardno assisting the 'maritime gateway' of the Pacific

Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL) aims to be the maritime gateway in the Pacific region through facilitating waterborne transport, trade, and commerce. FPCL operates the major port facilities in Suva and Lautoka and the secondary port of Levuka and oversees the operations and International Port Facility Security requirements of Vuda, Malau, Rothuma and Wairiki.

To align with financial, operational and Smart Port objectives of its 5 Year Strategic Plan, and to assist with maritime intelligence objectives of Government, FPCL sought to introduce a scalable Vessel Traffic Management System. Initially developed for Suva, the intention of the system will be to expand into other vital Port areas within Fiji as a minimum.

The system is a significant step forward for FPCL where presently operators rely on single positioning information and VHF radio communications. The new system incorporates Voice Communication Systems (radio and telephony), CCTV, AIS and Radar tracking, and weather inputs.

Ship docked in the bay of the capital Suva on the island of Viti Levu in the archipelago of Fiji

Cardno was engaged to assist FPCL to undertake a risk-based assessment, identifying necessary system elements and installation locations to enable safe navigation and operations of its shipping routes, anchorages and berths and to capture critical information to streamline its recovery of fees associated with Pilotage and infrastructure charges (i.e. wharfage).

In addition to assessing system requirements and optimal locations for equipment, Cardno prepared tender documentation and assessed commercial proposals, developed an Operating Lease document for the Port to use for the system provider, and has provided a range of services including design reviews and assistance with licensing requirements. This is part of a suite of activities that Cardno provides to its Port and Maritime Authority clients globally, focussed on various Smart Port initiatives.

Despite supply issues with equipment sourced internationally, and challenges of COVID-19 related lockdowns, Cardno’s Industry Director for Ports and Maritime, Scott Keane,  said “it is very pleasing for the client to have the system pass this major milestone."

"Next steps will be to determine within travel restrictions when the team can mobilise to commission the system, which will be followed by site testing and training of FPCL personnel. We look forward to these processes and then integration with the Ports’ financial management system.”

Cardno provides a range of independent services to Ports and Maritime Authorities in the fields of Vessel Traffic Service, Vessel Traffic Management Systems, Vessel Traffic Management Information Systems and Port Management Systems. This work, and system implementation, provides safe navigation and operation of Ports and Waterways.

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Scott Keane
Industry Director - Ports and Maritime
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