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Cameron Franklin appointed Senior Principal

Australia’s regional communities formulate the backbone of the country. They contribute heavily to the nation, providing a hub of culture and a home to some of the nation’s biggest and most well-known industries.

Due to their remote location and small population size, regional communities are often left with infrastructure and facilities which fall behind major metropolitan regions.

Cameron Franklin, Business Manager - Central Queensland, and newly appointed Senior Principal has been helping to advance regional communities for over 30 years, managing projects and providing civil engineering design to some of Central Queensland’s most important infrastructure projects.

Cameron has helped build roads, urban developments, community facilities, mining infrastructure, sewage and water treatment facilities progressing the regions in which they are located.

As Senior Principal - an appointment Cameron is honoured to receive - and Business Manager in a region which he knows both professionally and personally having lived there his whole life, he will continue to provide his expertise in management projects and civil engineering design to generate innovative solutions for region-building projects.

“My team and I are involved in many significant infrastructure projects across the region,” Cameron said.

“We are helping to build better communities, providing them with facilities that rival big cities and improving the quality of life for those in these regional areas who contribute substantially to Australia.”

Cameron Franklin, Senior Principal - Civil Engineering

It is work which brings a strong sense of achievement to Cameron and his team as they live and work in these regions and see the enormous benefits improved infrastructure brings.

“We are proud to live in regional communities,” he said.

“And it’s a great feeling that we can utilise our know-how, experience and Cardno’s significant multi-disciplinary resources to enhance the communities which we call home.”