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Bridging the digital gender divide

More than ever, the ability to access and use technology has become paramount. Technology provides great opportunity, particularly in developing countries, and has the potential to promote inclusivity, providing greater access to information and services by reaching more people in more places.

However, when principles of inclusivity are not applied, technology risks perpetuating existing inequalities and further alienating underserved populations who cannot access, afford, or have the skills and education to use technology, exacerbating a digital divide. This is especially true for women and girls.

The digital gender divide is predisposed to existing gender inequalities. When developing or promoting new technologies and digital solutions, we need to consider these broader implications and address the critical barriers. Technology should advance inclusion and equity, not detract from it.

2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the United Nations’ International Girls in ICT Day, celebrating the empowerment and engagement of women and girls in technology.

A decade on, Senior Strategy and Business Innovation Lead Ben Harguth looks at the technical advances, continued challenges and opportunities to improve inclusive engagement in the digital and ICT sectors:

Bridging the digital gender divide

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