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Asset Management experts together again for AMPEAK 2021

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After a successful virtual AM’SPEAK’ in 2020 to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19, AMPEAK returns to an in-person conference in Melbourne this year, complemented by a parallel virtual conference.

Cardno’s asset management team is taking to the stage to share insights and case studies.

Stephen Walker, Business Leader Asset Strategies, Aneurin Hughes, Regional Senior Principal – Asset Management and Geoffrey Kleu, Senior Asset Management Engineer, are presenting at the conference this week.

“It’s going to be great to return to the face-to-face format and get the personal approach back to the conference, but it’ll also be interesting to see engagement from online participants too,” Stephen said.

The hybrid event will see face-to-face discussions and presentations as well as an online component for those who have well and truly adjusted to online offerings.

In a joint presentation, Stephen and Aneurin will discuss how finance is the ‘ultimate asset management enabler’. Significant opportunities exist when the synergies between technical and financial capabilities within an organisation are fully realised.

They’ll explore where opportunity for improvements exist in the financial and non-financial nexus in relation to asset management.

Man using computer with city lights and money in foreground
Aneurin suggests, “too often we divide into “technical” and “financial” tribes and retreat to our silos. Good asset management demands that we go beyond this and instead requires that we share knowledge, share experience and share responsibility and accountability. We make better decisions as a result”.

National Capital Authority Building in Canberra Australia

The National Capital Authority (NCA) manages the commonwealth land and assets that are required for special purposes within Canberra. Geoffrey has been working with NCA on their asset management practices and will share with the audience how committing to implementing an asset management system (AMS) for their $868M asset portfolio has provided them with confidence in decision making and processes surrounding the assets.

“We have collaborated with National Capital Authority since 2014 to systematically improve their approach to asset management. Together we have found that the integrated, and whole of organisational perspective of asset management is fundamental to gaining confidence in asset management decisions and confidence that cost, service and risks are being balanced.” said Geoff.

Stephen, Aneurin and Geoff are looking forward to sharing experiences, challenges and learnings with our fellow asset management professionals at AMPEAK 2021.

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