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Artificial reefs research paper becomes a valuable resource for recreational fisheries industry

Artificial reefs have long been a go-to option for fisheries managers to improve the catch of recreational anglers. It is only recently that designers have understood that these structures can be tweaked to improve fish production.

Cardno, now Stantec has been helping fisheries managers to design and site artificial reefs in Australia for many years. These learnings have been integrated into a journal article that forms part of the Proceedings of the Tenth FSU–Mote International Symposium on Fisheries Ecology and Sixth International Symposium on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching (Sarasota, Florida).

Our aquatic ecology and marine experts Craig Blount, Marcus Lincoln Smith, Kate Reeds, and Dilys Zhang, had their artificial reefs research published in the 2021 Bulletin of Marine Science Journal late last December. 

The paper reviews information about the effect on volumes and diversity of fish, as well as their size, shape, height, spaces, unit arrangements, and the material of natural or artificial reef to determine optimal designs.

The team used a tool for identifying the least constrained areas for artificial reef deployment. This information will be a valuable resource for managers of recreational fisheries all over the world looking to deploy artificial reefs.

Access to the full publication is here: