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Andrew Malowiecki appointed Senior Principal

Andrew Malowiecki started in the transport industry in 1981 the same year the NSW Express Passenger Train first broke the land speed record.

It’s safe to say he’s seen a few changes over the years.

Back then, Andrew was working for Railways of Australia (now disbanded) as an economist and the closest thing that came to a computer was a HP-12C financial calculator.

The thought of a machine capable of processing a wide range of statistics from various parts of the business was a pipe-dream.

Then In 1984 everything changed. The first IBM PC and Lotus 1-2-3 software came onto the market and transformed the way business and people worked, Andrew included.

It revolutionised the appraisal process and relegated his trusty HP-12C financial calculator to a paper weight.

“With the emergence of digital technology, we we’re able to generate more information, more precise information and information that wasn’t previously available”

“In turn, our clients wanted more information, which effectively gave birth to the information economy.” Andrew said.

Fast forward 38 years and technology continues to play a significant role in Andrew’s daily operations as the Manager - Economics & Assurance.

His specialist transport economics and assurance team uses modern technology and strategies to service public and private clients across the road, rail, freight and port industries.

Their services include everything from economic analysis and impact assessment right through to risk management and governance.

Andrew Malowiecki, Senior Principal, Economic and Financial Analysis

Andrew’s expertise in project development, economic appraisal, impact assessment, demand analysis, forecasting and funding strategies means he can contribute to the whole project lifecycle.

Andrew will draw on his 38 years’ experience and a proven ability to harness new technologies to drive the importance of economics and assurance, and the value it can bring to clients and projects.

As Senior Principal, Andrew will further position Cardno as trusted economics and assurance service provider.