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Andrew Costen appointed Senior Principal

The coast, estuaries and marine waters are a unique part of the Australian environment.

They’re a distinct, complex and interconnected natural system that are critical to our economy and way of life, yet vulnerable to overuse and degradation.

For 35 years, Cardno has provided a range of integrated services in the coastal and marine fields to preserve these environments.

We specialise in multidisciplinary studies that support environmental impact assessments and the design of coastal and marine infrastructure, making us one of the select few organisations to offer a complete service.

Marine Environments Group Manager and newly appointed Senior Principal, Andrew Costen has been at the forefront of Cardno’s innovative approach to environmental services.

A coastal and marine scientist, Andrew’s in-depth knowledge and understanding has been gathered from over 20 years in the industry.

He’s worked in various specialist sciences and engineering consultancies, and government environmental management agencies.

Andrew specialises in coordinating the development of environmental impact assessments; facilitating approvals for marine and coastal infrastructure proposals, and site and option selection studies using multi-criteria assessment tools.

Andrew Costen, Marine Environments, Senior Principal

His expertise extends to designing and implementing field surveys to monitor and assess benthic habitats; capturing and analysing water and sediment quality, and developing fit-for-purpose dredged material management assessment and management plans.

Andrew has also co-authored a number of dredged related international guidance documents.  

As Senior Principal, Andrew will lead a number of strategic initiatives that will further enhance Cardno’s Asia Pacific marine environmental service offering.

He’ll also continue to work closely with Cardno’s Coastal and Port and Maritime teams to deliver solutions that bring real value to our clients’ and positive outcomes for the environment.