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A day in the life of a Cardno Surveyor

March 21 is Global Surveyors Day. At Cardno, we have a highly passionate and knowledgeable team of surveyors around the world, who work hard to ensure water can run without issue and traffic can flow efficiently, giving communities the ability to move freely.

For Global Surveyors Day, Matina Kyriakou, Surveyor, from Rockdale, Australia, shares with you what a day in the life of a Cardno surveyor looks like!

Matina Kyriakou surveying large contruction site

A typical day as a Cardno surveyor is an organised one. Unpredictability leads to uncertainty.

We try to mitigate risks and stress with a structured approach to our everyday tasks. We begin our work with a fresh morning cup of coffee and stock up our vehicles with the essentials for the job ahead.

Travelling is a big part of a surveyor’s life and our day-to-day work can take us anywhere and everywhere; from the buzzing sites of the city to the serenity of the mountains in national parks. Our work site can differ greatly from day to day and we are prepared and inducted for the tasks at hand.

Cardno surveyors are provided with the latest instruments and tools to effectively perform surveying activities to the satisfactory standards of Cardno and our clients. After an 8-hour work day (give or take) or after the job is done, we pack our gear and leave the work site as it was before we arrived. Leave no trace behind but a few small survey marks on the ground.

We employ conventional surveying techniques using the latest instruments available in the market to help us achieve the highest quality of work. Every job is unique and we tailor the technology we use to the needs of our clients; including using highly precise Leica & Trimble Total Stations, GPS instruments, drone survey, laser scanning and even employing underground sonar for surveying hidden underground utilities and services.

Surveying at Cardno is diverse and multifaceted. We are exposed to a huge variety of jobs that require us to employ different surveying techniques, technology and skillset to complete our job. We are constantly evolving, adapting and developing new surveying approach to meet the demands of our clients.

Cardno encourages all of their surveyors to undertake training to become a registered surveyor to further advance their career and challenge themselves with new responsibilities.

My time at Cardno has allowed me to work on a wide variety of projects over the years. Some of these include Topographical Surveys, Environmental Surveys, Cadastral Surveys, Laser Scanning and RMS survey.

Having a Master of Science in Geographical Information Systems allowed me to work as a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) operator for CBD & South East Light Rail projects in Sydney. I have also worked as 3D Modeller for the Opera House Building Renewal Project. 

My latest project was a big development site for a new proposed hospital in Rouse Hill that required constant monitoring and detailing of the site. This was due to the significant changes the landscape went through on a weekly basis.

Recently, I was involved in a big project responsible for surveying and mapping the stormwater drainage network in Cranebrook for the Penrith Council in New South Wales, check out the process below!

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