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A bridge to a new road: Lina Restrepo’s journey to traffic and transport engineering

Like many, Lina Restrepo was drawn to engineering by the wonder – the Tower Bridge in London.

It is a structure that has captured the imagination and inspired many people to become engineers.

“When I was 14 years old, I saw a photo of the Tower Bridge, and I can’t describe what I felt,” Lina said.

“I was mesmerised – totally fascinated by it.”

From that moment, Lina knew what she wanted to do with her life – and that was to become an engineer, designing and constructing bridges.

Although Lina did follow up on her dream of studying and becoming a professional engineer, her career diverted, taking another path in engineering, steering away from her original source of inspiration of wanting to design and construct bridges.

Inspired by a professor at university, Lina uncovered a new passion within the engineering world.

“At university, one of my professors, Sandra Ruiz inspired me and gave me the passion for transport and traffic,” Lina said.

“It resonated with me, and I learnt to understand that cities should be designed for citizens instead of just for vehicles,”

Lina Restrepo, Civil Engineer

Since graduating, Lina has kept that passion and inspiration given to her by Sandra, forging a rewarding career as a traffic and transport engineer working in both Australia and Colombia.

Currently, Lina works in our Darwin office as a civil engineer, supporting the growth of Cardno’s traffic transport team in Australia’s top end, delivering projects for both public and private sector clients.

Lina’s skills and experience has allowed her to fill a gap in the Darwin market.

She provides a diverse range of transport services from road safety audits, active transport design, public transport analysis, roads and construction, urban planning and traffic impact assessments.

Lina’s work, and the work of the broader transport team in Darwin, is making a big difference in the communities in which they live and work, reimagining the way transport and traffic networks are designed and constructed in the city and surrounding regions.

After over 10-years of working in the traffic and transport field, Lina has no intention to switch back to her initial engineering dream of designing and constructing bridges as she still loves what she does each day

“Transport plays an important role in human civilization, allowing us to move from one location to another,” Lina said.

“We are always trying to find ways to make it more efficient and safer, and working in this field gives me the opportunity to improve the existing infrastructure and plan for the future.

“Working on projects that contribute to transforming cities into more efficient, people focussed and environmentally sound communities is incredible, and that is why I love and continue to work in traffic and transport engineering.”