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Offering science-based insight at 2021 Solar Symposium

Cardno leaders discuss challenges, opportunities at solar facilities

Global Senior Principal for Sustainability and ESG Chris Kline and Senior Principal – Environment Dan Salas shared their renewables expertise at the 2021 Solar Power and Wildlife/Natural Resources Symposium.

Each presentation took a deeper, scientific look at the opportunities, trends, challenges, and considerations in front of the fast-growing renewables sector.

Chris participated in a panel discussion – “Drivers for Co-locating Pollinator Habitat at Solar Facilities”. He focused his remarks around the short-term vegetation establishment objective at solar facilities; the long-term vegetation management objectives; and the benefits of pollinator vegetation on solar sites with respect to corporate ESG goals.

Dan presented along side Stan Vera Art from Grow With Trees on “Lessons from the past: How decades of integrated vegetation management (IVM) on rights-of-ways can inform solar site maintenance”. He also presented “Building the toolbox: Industry tool development under the Evaluating Economic, Ecological, and Performance Impacts of Pollinator Plantings at Large-Scale Solar Facilities project.”

He will also be participating in Panel 4 – Land Management Considerations for Native Vegetation, Pollinators, Wildlife, and Habitat where he will be joining a panel with representatives from Duke Energy, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and the University of Illinois – Chicago around perspectives on ecological management opportunities and challenges at solar facilities.

More information is available on the American Wind Wildlife Institute’s website.

The symposium featured both recorded and live presentations around the development of solar power and other renewable energies. Attendees included experts and stakeholders from academia, industry, conservation, consultants, and public agencies.

Chris Kline is Cardno's Global Senior Principal for Sustainability and ESG. In this role, Mr. Kline leads Cardno’s corporate sustainability initiative and supports Cardno clients across a range of ESG disciplines.

Dan Salas is a Senior Principal – Environment. He has more than 20 years of experience in natural resource management, stream and shoreline restoration, conservation planning, endangered and threatened species inventories, and decision analysis.

ESG services at Cardno:  

  • Governance and policy support to integrate sustainability into corporate culture and business operations
  • Environmental systems analysis
  • Health risk management assessment and support
  • Built asset resiliency, particularly focused on climate risk
  • Natural resources assessment, management, and restoration
  • Modern slavery support
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Green house gas analysis, benchmarking, and target setting

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Chris Kline
Global Senior Principal for Sustainability and ESG

Dan Salas
Senior Principal / Senior Ecologist

Nancy Cline
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