Scholarships at Cardno

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At Cardno, we value learning and development as it provides opportunities for our people to grow, build their career and make a positive impact around the world.

One of the ways we invest in our people is through our scholarship program, as it allows us to recognise and support exceptional people.

A Cardno scholarship has taken careers in a new direction, from travelling to another country for a learning experience that can’t be accessed at home, to sparking a new way of thinking. It has opened eyes to what the future holds in different industries. It has uncovered unknown leadership qualities and given our people the opportunity to give back to a community in need. A Cardno scholarship has the potential to deliver all of these things and more!


A Cardno scholarship helps our people stand out and be recognised by colleagues across the globe. It opens new doors and presents new opportunities. 

Photo of Gwen Parker

“Winning the scholarship will allow me to continue to advocate for sustainability, gain leadership training and give me the opportunity to travel abroad.”


 – Senior Associate Health Scientist, Houston, United States


A Cardno scholarship offers our people the chance to accelerate career growth. It’s the chance to harness potential and apply learnings for the benefit of clients, communities and colleagues.

Photo of Stephen Walker

“The scholarship program gave me the opportunity to undertake study and progress from a Business Unit Manager role and into a Business Development role. It allowed me to develop new skills and build new experiences for my new role.”


 – Business Leader, Asset Strategies, Brisbane, Australia

Take a look at where Cardno scholarships have taken our people. Distance is no obstacle to a new learning and development experience for our scholarship winners.

Map highlighting locations attended by Cardno scholarship winners