Meet Our People

As a global organisation of talented people, we are united by our purpose: Making a difference. Each member of our team makes a valuable contribution and we’d like to share their stories.
Photo of Aarohi Vashishtha
Aarohi Vashishtha
Asia Pacific Strategic Engagement and Partnerships Manager
Photo of Tetteh Anang
Tetteh Anang
Graduate Traffic Engineer
Photo of Susan Reisbord
Susan Reisbord
CEO | Managing Director
Photo of Ryan Agnew
Ryan Agnew
Team Leader and Planning Consultant
Photo of Dana Banwart
Dana Banwart
Office Manager | Principal - NEPA
Photo of Natalie Muir
Natalie Muir
General Manager - South East Queensland
Photo of Arthur Crowder
Arthur Crowder
Senior Contracts Manager
Photo of Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor
Senior Consultant
Photo of Robbie Marshall
Robbie Marshall
General Manager - Regional North West Australia

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