Committed to All Our People

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We are Cardno, but we are nothing without our people.

We aim to attract the brightest lights, creative thinkers, passionate doers and experienced hands – the people who want to do great work with a supportive company – from all walks of life and backgrounds.

We recognise each individual brings unique qualities to Cardno, and these differences create an innovative working environment where people flourish and business thrives. Here are some of the ways we embrace diversity and strive for inclusion at Cardno:

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Voice is Cardno’s LGBTQI+ Employee Resource Group – a strategic group partnering with our leadership team to drive a culture of inclusion and diversity for our LGBTQI+ employees. The team also works to increase our presence in the LGBTQI+ community. Cardno Voice continues to advance the understanding and inclusion of LGBTQI+ employees through awareness raising, information sharing, support and networking opportunities.


Actively including people with disability and acknowledging their skills, talents, views and ideas, is simply a reflection of our business diversity and the world in which we live and work. We believe everyone should expect reasonable accessibility adjustments are provided in their workplace. That’s why we’re committed to building an environment that ensures all people are included and valued, and are encouraged to share their experience and knowledge on accessibility-related matters.

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Age Diversity

Age is no barrier at Cardno. Whether you’re embarking on your career or you’re somewhere along that trajectory, there’s something for you at Cardno. We value knowledge and know that everyone has life experiences that can fuel diverse, innovative and holistic client solutions.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Life can throw any number of challenges our way, and our mental health and wellbeing can be impacted – whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned leader. And given you spend a large portion of your life at work, we know how important it is to create a supportive workplace that invests in your mental health and wellbeing. Cardno staff can access a corporate counselling program when they need it, and a number of our leaders from around the business are Mental Health First Aiders. We also have a dedicated mental health community that encourages staff to share experiences and ways of coping, and to ask that ever-important question – R U OK?

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As individuals, we all have a role to play and work to do to advance the understanding and inclusion of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). At Cardno, we’ve made this a priority. By recognizing and amplifying BIPOC voices at Cardno, we’re striving to promote inclusion, diversity and equity. Our BIPOC group aims to represent people of color across racial and ethnic groups while recognizing the specific violence and histories experienced by Black and Indigenous people in the United States.

RAP - Australia

Cardno acknowledges we have a role in helping to reconcile our nation, and our commitment to our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a deliberate action for long-term change. Australia's First Nations peoples are valued at Cardno. We acknowledge their cultural and spiritual connection to the Country where we live and work and their valuable contributions to Cardno. We’re not looking for quick fixes in this work, but we are looking to build on the foundations laid over time and to continue to grow, evolve and walk together along a path of reconciliation.

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Veterans bring valuable training, broad experiences and diverse skills gained from their military service to Cardno, and are highly valued members of our team. As part of our commitment to an inclusive work environment, Cardno actively supports the military veteran community and our Reservists. We want our veterans to be able to connect with other veterans, share their ideas, and promote awareness of their experiences within our communities and our organisation. And we want them to know how grateful we are for their service.

Women in Cardno

Our global community of women aims to connect, inspire and set the standard for gender equality at Cardno. The Women in Cardno (WiC) program, not only provides opportunities for women across the business to advance and grow their careers in a supportive environment, but it also ensures our initiatives are meaningful and relevant to our female employees. The WiC program represents a long-term commitment to becoming a global leader in gender equality among our peers and providing women with the support and opportunities to achieve their goals at Cardno.

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