Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

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When you empower your people to shape their workplace culture, great things happen.

As a global company, Cardno has a wonderfully diverse staff comprising people from all walks of life, race and religion. We work across more than 100 offices and speaking over 100 languages – we value this diversity and believe it makes us, and our client solutions, stronger.

We harness the passion and enthusiasm of our staff to co-create a genuine, people-led environment of inclusion and equity. In partnership with our leadership team, staff from across the organisation are weaving a cultural fabric that’s robust, multi-layered and accessible to all – and in a pattern that’s constantly evolving.

And that’s why we can proudly offer you an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace, where you’ll be valued for who you are. Through our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Council, our people are designing important programs and initiatives that actively contribute to our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity strategy. This hands-on approach gives our staff ownership of, and sees them invested in building an environment they want to work in every day.

A gender-balanced, inclusive and diverse organisation is not only better placed to deliver better solutions to clients, investors and communities, but it also makes for a happy work life.

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We are proud to comply with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012

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