Rinay Singh

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Structural Engineer
Sydney, Australia
Photo of Rinay Singh

What are you famous for?

I am famous for having a “can do attitude” as well as conducting specific site inspections such as abseiling down a silo and walking through an underground channel with a breathing apparatus.

Tell us about your Cardno journey so far:

My Cardno journey began in 2014 as a casual employee and within three months I was offered a fulltime role.

My main goal in the early years was to be a “sponge" and learn as much as I could. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a team with good engineering knowledge and patience to teach me concepts and theories. I now am responsible for designing structures and commercial buildings.

Why did you join Cardno?

While I was studying at The University of Melbourne, The School of Architecture building was getting demolished and rebuilt. Cardno was assigned as the engineers. I always thought of working for Cardno after this because it would allow me to work with the consultancy firm that made my university a better place.

I also noticed Cardno had offices in other locations like North Queensland. I wanted to work for a company which provided opportunities to work in different offices, as well as flexibility and Cardno was able to offer this.

How are you, your team and Cardno making a difference?

My team and I are making a difference by helping anyone that requires a structural engineer no matter how big or small the job is.

When I meet people at functions or gatherings, they always ask if Cardno considers small projects. I always reassure them that we treat small projects the same way we treat big projects. All clients are treated the same regardless of the project size.