Christina Johansson

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Traffic Engineer
Brisbane, Australia
Photo of Christina Johansson

What are you famous for?

I wouldn’t exactly say I am famous for any one particular thing. With the type of work my team does, it is important to know a bit of everything. I often work on Traffic Impact Assessments, so I am quite familiar with development design reviews of car parking and access arrangements, servicing areas, integration of public and active transport facilities, and parking requirements. Following the design review, I frequently assess intersections to identify any capacity and safety issues, associated with proposed developments.

Tell us about your Cardno journey so far:

I joined the Traffic and Transport team as a new graduate, with very little engineering work experience, which made the first year a huge learning experience. At the beginning, I thought it would be impossible to learn the ropes of this business, however three and a half years later and I am delegating work to the new graduates in the team, taking lead on projects, and taking on more responsibilities including project management tasks.

I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the great team I get to work with every day (and the regular treats aren’t so bad either).

Why did you join Cardno?

One of the main reasons why I joined Cardno was from my first impressions of the company, particularly of the Traffic and Transport team. Finding a job as a new graduate can be stressful, however the people I dealt with during an interview process were helpful, responsive, and welcoming, which made the whole process a lot easier.

How are you, your team and Cardno making a difference?

I have recently become involved with the Young Professionals Forum, this has given me the opportunity to reach out to university students who are interested in engineering. I have attended two university events, hosted by the Civil Engineering Societies from QUT and UQ, where I was able to promote Cardno, and network with the students to share my journey and learnings as a young female engineer in the professional industry. I have learnt so much during my time at Cardno ‒ sharing this knowledge with up and coming engineers, helps to make a difference.