Aaron Gilboy

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Senior Civil Engineer and Principal
Brisbane, Australia
Photo of Aaron Gilboy

What are you famous for?

My work on the Greater Springfield Project based in Brisbane’s Western Corridor. I’m also known for my area of expertise in civil engineering, and for working on projects within urban land development, commercial sites, trunk infrastructure and main road corridor works.

Tell us about your Cardno journey so far:

I joined Cardno 11 years ago and shortly before I graduated as a Civil Engineer back in 2007. Since then, I’ve been based at Cardno’s Springfield office, where my career has grown by working on many aspects on the Greater Springfield Project. This experience has led to my current role as a Senior Civil Engineer leading a team of five.

The project has also grown and it’s changed a lot since I joined; the scope of project works expanded and so has our team, from five to 26 team members. With that, we’ve had opportunities to broaden our skillset and branch out beyond the limits of the Springfield area and our small client base. We now have a range of private and government clients in the area.

Why did you join Cardno?

A friend of mine who was working in the Springfield area encouraged me to apply for a role with Cardno because it was a busy company with a strong reputation. I applied and soon after, I was contacted by Cardno and invited to visit the office in Springfield. I went out to Springfield and I am very glad that I did; I was able to meet the team and see the project. I haven’t looked back since.

How are you, your team and Cardno making a difference?

My team and I are making a difference by finding ways to overcome challenges on our projects. We’re always striving for something better than convention in our design, making it possible to leave behind a legacy for the community to enjoy.