Bob Jin

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Corporate Finance Manager
Melbourne, Australia
Photo of Bob Jin

What are you famous for?

I’m known for my expertise in finance ‒ accounting, account management, and corporate finance. And I’m the-go-to-person when it comes to excel.

Tell us about your Cardno journey so far:

I joined Cardno in July 2016. During this time, I’ve managed to progress my career from a financial management accountant to a corporate accountant, and to my current position as the Corporate Finance Manager for Cardno’s International Development team in the Asia-Pacific region.

This career progression has given me the ability to take on new challenges and develop my knowledge and skills as an accountant. It’s also helped me in appreciating how everyone’s work comes together as one, while working with colleagues across the globe from different fields and cultures.

Why did you join Cardno?

I’ve always wanted to work for a large organisation. Throughout my career, every company I have worked in has been evolving and expanding. Cardno was the perfect choice for me. I’m able to make a difference while not being lost in a big organisation where I’d feel like another cog in the machine.

How are you, your team and Cardno making a difference?

My team and I oversee change. It moves everyone away from their comfort zone while enabling growth. To manage change effectively from a financial point of view, my team and I have developed and updated a number of finance polices and processes.

This has ensured there’s more transparency in processes across the business, and it’s also helped improve efficiency by allowing people to make quicker decisions.