Allen Macourt

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Director Transport NSW/ACT
Sydney, Australia
Photo of Allen Marcourt

What are you famous for?

Bringing teams together to deliver transport projects and working with clients to find the best solutions.

Tell us about your Cardno journey so far:

My Cardno journey started over six-years ago following the completion of the design of Legacy Way tunnel where Cardno had played a major role. Following on from this, I felt that I could bring my three-decades of experience in delivering major transport projects to contribute to Cardno’s future success.

Over the past six-years, my team/s and I have had some amazing results across a range of traffic and transport projects. Some of the projects have been challenging, but they’ve provided myself and my team/s ample opportunities to perfect teamwork while allowing each individual to develop their career.

Why did you join Cardno?

I’d previously worked with former Cardno Chairman Dick Kell and former Cardno CEO Jim Verco, on projects in the 1990s and the 2000s. Cardno had developed a formidable reputation for technical capability as well as always being collaborative project team members. I made the decision to join Cardno as I knew I’d be able to work with Australian and international teams on complex high profile projects.

How are you, your team and Cardno making a difference?

I like to think that the difference that we make for our clients is that we’re easy to get along with, we’re always on the lookout for great solutions, and we’re eager to deliver them successful projects.