Meet the people who power Cardno. These are our #differencemakers. They live and breathe our values and their passion is to make a difference to the people around them, their clients and their communities. These are the people who make Cardno and these are their stories.
Photo of Kate Bartz
Kate Bartz
Business Unit Manager | Senior Principal - NEPA Compliance and Management
Photo of Robbie Marshall
Robbie Marshall
General Manager - Regional North West Australia
Photo of Rachel Reid
Rachel Reid
Senior Associate Health Scientist II | Regional Unit Manager
Photo of Casey Schackow
Casey Schackow
Traffic Engineer
Photo of Ashna Muneer
Ashna Muneer
Program Manager
Photo of Rolando "Bullet" Lo
Rolando "Bullet" Lo
Major Clients Manager - Asia
Photo of Thomas Ingvoldstad
Thomas Ingvoldstad
Director - Public Finance Management
Photo of Ella Hingston
Ella Hingston
Asset Management Engineer
Photo of Chris White
Chris White
Senior Consultant

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