Meet the people who power Cardno. These are our #differencemakers. They live and breathe our values and their passion is to make a difference to the people around them, their clients and their communities. These are the people who make Cardno and these are their stories.
Photo of Crystal West
Crystal West
Senior Consultant
Photo of James Nasr
James Nasr
Bridges Manager - New Design
Photo of Rachel Reid
Rachel Reid
Senior Associate Health Scientist II | Regional Unit Manager
Photo of Kit Adsetts
Kit Adsetts
Director of Quality | Senior Project Manager
Photo of Chris White
Chris White
Senior Consultant
Photo of Bonnita Jones
Bonnita Jones
Executive Assistant and Business Unit Administrator
Photo of Don McClarin
Don McClarin
East Business Unit Manager
Photo of Cassy Baxter
Cassy Baxter
Team Lead - Environment
Photo of Awais Jamil Chaudry
Awais Jamil Chaudry
Principal Structural Engineer

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