Inventory and Asset Management

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Our mature QA Reporter application facilitates our inventory management service for oilfield and renewable energy equipment.
Steel pipes storage in warehouse

QA Reporter software as a service is used by a supermajor to track drilling and production equipment in the Gulf of Mexico and by a directional drilling company to track its equipment on land.

Cardno PPI provides bar code and RFID tags for equipment. Inventory specialists use these to check in and check out equipment as it is stored, moved, and used in your project. Using our iPhone/Android app, any authorized user can enter information, access inventory databases, and receive and send system alerts.

With this service, clients know what assets they have, where they are, and whether the equipment is ready for use. The information is the foundation for a robust preventive maintenance program. QA Reporter can send alerts when a part needs to be re-ordered and when items need to be replaced. Additionally, system alerts can be set for cycle count processes and inventory reconciliation reminders.

Custom implementations can schedule re-inspection, arrange maintenance, plan equipment rotation, and propose obsolescence and replacement dates, ensuring mechanical integrity of your equipment.

The software can notify users when equipment needs to be re-inspected or rotated and when maintenance is due. It can track important information such as purchase date and designated location. This information enables improved mechanical integrity management.