Urban Development

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Sustainable urbanisation has moved to the centre of the development agenda and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is the most rapidly urbanising region in the world. The Cardno IT Transport specialist urban development team are not only in tune with the political, legislative and regulatory context of growing urban areas, but they also understand the importance of linking urban development with overall economic growth and productivity.

With experience working with multiple agencies and programmes, the urban development team also understand the importance of considering all areas. This includes economic growth analysis and planning, water and waste utilities, inclusive growth, impact investment models, agriculture value chains development and financing, SME development and digital finance.

Cardno’s full time urban development specialist team are based in Cardno International Development's Nairobi regional headquarters on the front line of SSA urbanisation, supported by a pool of development experts and administrative staff.

Cardno’s core urban services include:

  • urban development, good governance and services
  • urban planning, land development and management
  • integrated urban infrastructure
  • urban social development.

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