Paragon Capital Asset Planning and Management

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Cardno knows that contemporary facility asset management is no longer about simple maintenance and cost tracking. Successful integration with organization-level mission requirements, environmental regulation standards, capital budgeting goals and multilevel management hierarchies, requires tools that are designed for appropriate administration.

Paragon, a web-based capital asset planning and management software tool, along with the Paragon Data Collector mobile app, is a comprehensive asset portfolio system which enables the collection, storage, analysis and reporting of facilities and infrastructure components, condition and related asset data.

It provides a holistic view of the portfolio, including buildings, structures, security elements, energy, and utility infrastructure, and is able to quantify and centrally manage all facility needs (e.g., deferred maintenance, functional requirements, energy requirements, LEED benefits, life cycle planning, multi-year financial requirement analysis, budget planning and more).

The system is available on short and long-term subscriptions as a cloud service to government bodies, corporations as well as third parties that need a system to efficiently perform Facility Condition Assessments and generate full reports for their clientele.

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