NSW, ACT & NZ Principals

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Introducing our 2021 Principals for NSW, ACT & NZ.

Our new appointees will showcase their expertise, experience, and technical leadership within Cardno by mentoring, knowledge sharing and innovating across their service line area. They will also actively engage in industry events and thought leadership.


Photo of Principal Adrian Rouse

Adrian Rouse

PRINCIPAL  |  Project Management  |  Sydney, New South Wales

Adrian has had a long and proven career in the construction industry that has equipped him with a wide range of skills that can be applied to most construction-related disciplines. He has extensive experience in the management and procurement of major road construction projects under a variety of different procurement and delivery models.


Photo of Principal Cassy Baxter

Cassy Baxter

PRINCIPAL  |  Environment  |  Wollongong, New South Wales

Cassy has over 12 years of experience in the field of environmental science utilising a variety of disciplines within this field including environmental impact assessments, environmental planning, project and risk management, geographic information systems (GIS), acoustic monitoring, heritage management, estuarine ecology, geotechnical/contamination investigation, environmental monitoring and analysis, and coastal zone management.

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Photo of Principal David Ronchi

David Ronchi

PRINCIPAL  |  Geotechnical  |  Nowra, New South Wales

David is a highly skilled senior engineering professional who has been involved in a range of complex projects and leadership roles both within Australia and overseas. With over fifteen years' experience he has worked across a multitude of sectors from heavy industry, mining and transportation including road and rail.

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Photo of Principal Liam Sacco

Liam Sacco

PRINCIPAL  |  Structural Engineering  |  Sydney, New South Wales

Liam is a structural engineer with experience in the design, supervision, and project management of projects across sectors including government, residential, commercial, industrial and open space infrastructure.

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Photo of Principal Mehdi Zeinali

Mehdi Zeinali

PRINCIPAL  |  Mechanical Engineering  |  Sydney, New South Wales

Mehdi is a Mechanical Engineer with 6 years of experience maintaining and modifying mechanical machines while studying, and a building services consultant at Cardno. Mehdi has strong technical and problem-solving skills as a result of his work as a mechanical engineering intern. 

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Photo of Principal Somaye Sadeghian

Somaye Sadeghian

PRINCIPAL  |  Geotechnical  |  Sydney, New South Wales

Somaye is a geotechnical engineer with 15 years of experience. She graduated from the University of Tehran with a PhD in 2011, having previously gained her MSc, Geotechnical Engineering (2007) and BSc (1st Class Hons), Civil-Structural Engineering (2004).


Photo of Principal Vanessa Dally

Vanessa Dally

PRINCIPAL  |  Hydrogeology  |  Wellington, New Zealand

Vanessa is an Environmental Scientist/Hydrogeologist with 16 years' experience in consulting. She has carried out a number of hydrogeological and water supply investigations in both Australia and New Zealand ranging from groundwater exploration within remote arid locations to dewatering investigations within low lying coastal areas under development. 

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Photo of Principal Zoe Wood

Zoe Wood

PRINCIPAL  |  Environment  |  Wollongong, New South Wales

Zoe is highly experienced environmental scientist who manages environmental matters on complex road, water infrastructure, catchment management and waste projects. With 16 years’ of experience in environmental assessment and planning, she ensures timely development approvals, environmental integration with design development, and robust and comprehensive impact investigations.

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You can learn more about the opportunities we offer all employees and more about our Technical Excellence program here. Meet our Global and Regional Senior Principals.