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Cardno has significant experience in supporting Defence projects throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our experience is valued by government agencies and contractors to deliver mission critical infrastructure and training facilities.

Our specialists offer a fresh approach to Defence projects and our regional capability is underpinned by the following principles:

  • A centralised Defence program management team that provides the necessary support to project teams to effectively meet project objectives;
  • A strong regional presence throughout each of the Defence regions with authority and accountability vested in senior staff to quickly make decisions on resourcing and logistics, to ensure that project objectives are met; and
  • Centres of technical excellence that provide core professional services to projects on an as required basis.
Navy ships docked at port

Defence Services

We are able to provide technical services to Defence and industry partners across a broad range of services. We are also able to directly support the Estate & Infrastructure Group through our services available from the Estate Strategic Planning Panel, Infrastructure Engineering Assessments Panel and the Defence Environment and Heritage Panel.

Project Experience

Base Engineering Assessment Program (BEAP), Stage 3-6

Defence personal standing in formation

Cardno has been involved with the BEAP program since 2012 and since that time has undertaken the capacity, condition and compliance assessments of reticulated infrastructure services on 26 military bases across Australia The scope of the assessments included Voice and ICT services; electrical services; water supply; sewerage systems; stormwater networks; fuel and gas networks and other miscellaneous networks such as compressed air.

The project involved an assessment and gap analysis of existing data which was then followed by detailed physical site investigations. Services modelling (supported by hydraulic analysis, flow monitoring, site survey, etc.) and detailed on site condition and compliance reviews were conducted to complete the assessment. These findings were then compiled into a complete report along with thematic mapping of each service based on a GIS asset database. Cardno utilised tablets to collect data and together with the results of the assessments, master service spreadsheets were compiled. These are linked to a GIS data set which can then be used to assist in the early planning of service upgrades for redevelopment projects. The master spreadsheets have been prepared as a starting point for an asset management data set.

A key outcome of the assessments is to provide Defence with a clear understanding of the maintenance and liability of Defence assets, while highlighting the extent of investment required to continue to support current capabilities and to plan for future development.

Enhanced Land Force Stage 2 Phase 2B

Close up photo of the side of an army truck

The Enhanced Land Force (ELF) Stage 2 Phase 2B Facilities Project provides facilities for the command, training, maintenance, operations support and administration functions at Gallipoli Barracks. Cardno were responsible for the civil engineering services including civil works, flood modelling and environmental, traffic engineering and water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure. A significant feature of the design was to develop service infrastructure, capable of meeting ultimate site development requirements.

Cardno undertook innovative stormwater design with significant use of detention basins to mitigate downstream impacts given the site is within a constrained urban environment.

One Estate Asset Management Framework

Cardno developed the One Estate Asset Management Framework for the Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group through 2018 and 2019. This was a significant project and provided the opportunity to work collaboratively across E&IG and capability groups and services to positively influence the on-ongoing management of the Defence estate.

The scope of the Framework included the review of existing processes and policies, and the development of new documents, tools and artefacts to enhance the management of the estate. The project works also encompassed pilot testing of new policy and investment prioritisation tools across four sites: HMAS Cairns, Gallipoli Barracks, RAAF Richmond and the Puckapunyal Military Area and engagement with over 280 Defence personnel.

The project required a high level of stakeholder engagement to overcome the challenges of undertaking utility investigations within a highly secure and sensitive work zone that required airside clearance.

International Project Experience

F-35 Operational Beddown in the Pacific, Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

F-35 Operational Beddown - Pacific - Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement


Aerial Data Acquisition for Range Sustainability, Land Expansion and Airspace Establishment


Atlantic Fleet Testing and Training Environmental Impact Statement, Eastern Seaboard, USA

Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement, Phase III, Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing (AFTT)


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