Concrete Scanning

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Our concrete scanning service offers you a way to see through walls and solid concrete without risking your safety.

Ground Penetrating Radar concrete (also known as Concrete X-Ray) is a form of non-destructive testing that records features and objects within concrete structures.

Ground Penetrating Radar determines the location, position and depth of:

  • Reinforcement
  • Structures and voids
  • Post and pre-tension cables and ducts
  • Depth or coverage of slab
  • Location of beams
  • Concrete and pavement layers
  • Live electrical

It’s ideal for the scanning, survey and set-out of reinforcement, post-tension and pre-tension cables, ducts, structural beams and voids.

Concrete scanning should be carried out prior to any core drilling, concrete cutting, dyna-drilling, wall-sawing or cutting, and the removal of concrete floors or walls.

All of our findings are provided in a well-documented and detailed report, suitable for use by engineers, contractors, owners and surveyors.

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Antony Cameron

Asset Strategies Manager, Aotearoa-New Zealand

Leak Detection, Utility Planning, Structural Evaluation and much more!

Not knowing the location of buried utilities cause project delays and problems that increase costs and the risk of injury for utility owners and contractors.

Underground utilities are critical infrastructure – and in most areas they reflect the growth and history of Aotearoa-New Zealand’s towns and cities. Many components are aging, in unknown locations and condition.

Using advanced technology, we use drones to quickly pinpoint likely leak locations. We combine our sector-leading technology with traditional Subsurface Utility Engineering services (SUE) to determine the state of infrastructure.

Our comprehensive techniques give project owners, designers, engineers, and contractors the opportunity to make informed decisions to reduce risk by incorporating the most modern and complete underground utility data into project plans and designs.

We use a designated programme and strict quality management to provide comprehensive and detailed reports, ideal for presenting to:

  • Insurance companies and assessors
  • Building maintenance
  • Councils

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