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Cardno International Development (ID) solves development challenges, digitally, by harnessing local innovation and driving change.

Whether it is mHealth platforms, e-business or solutions for road management, Cardno International Development meets challenges in the developing world by harnessing technology and digital platforms. Cardno International Development promotes replicable, sustainable, cost-effective digital solutions for clients and beneficiaries, adaptable to meet development challenges – safely and securely, tailored to local context. Cardno International Development employs four principles to guide our digital solutions:

Cardno International Development’s Digital Approach

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  • Systems-based solution that are tactical, usable, and agile.
  • Developing roadmaps that employ user-based design principles that are “fit for purpose”.
  • Remaining digitally agnostic.

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  • A one stop-shop for digital solutions.
  • Trusted project managers that can integrate solutions across stakeholders.
  • Our experts address challenges holistically.

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  • We think about the solution and find the right local or specialist partners to help develop and deliver the product or service.
  • Promotes cost-effectiveness, sustainability and adoption.
  • Allows us to remain nimble, scalable and extend rapidly.

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  • Local adoption is at the heart of measuring success.
  • Providing digital solutions that focus on people, not products.
  • Demand-driven to meet the needs of our stakeholders and promote digital empowerment.

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The principles above are underpinned by our commitment to cybersecurity and privacy. We uphold standards of digital safeguarding – the responsible use of digital tools and ensuring data security and privacy to meet government regulations and beneficiaries’ confidentiality.

Cardno International Development has endorsed the Principles for Digital Development. We will continue to expand our innovative digital solutions as a built-in programmatic necessity as the world’s access continues to grow and as a key component to sustainability.

Program Highlights

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