Cardno celebrates GIS Day

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Cardno celebrates our GIS professionals around the world on GIS Day, 13 November 2019.
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Have you ever seen on the screen of your phone “15 minutes to Home”? Did you wonder “How on earth…!?”.

Geographical data is part of our everyday lives.

From the early creation of maps in the 6th century, to seeing where your UberEats driver is at any given time, shows the combination of geography with digital technology knows no bounds.  

The technology associated with tracking the UberEats driver, is referred to as Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This technology not only applies to the Uber app, but also to developing interactive transport plans; or producing data to help create master plan communities; and even assisting the US Airforce compile an accurate inventory of assets.

GIS technology helps people to get a feel for things visually, seeing where something is and interpreting what they see. We’re all guilty of watching the Uber driver navigate nearby streets impatiently waiting for our meal to arrive!

Cardno has a large team of GIS professionals across the globe working with clients across all aspects of positioning and measurement, data capture and management, spatial analysis, mapping, and 3D modelling and visualisation.

How GIS improves our projects

Our unique range of services and skill-sets has a track record of improving efficiency and accuracy in delivering projects for our clients.

Screen shot of GIS Utility Data Collection graphic

GIS Utility Data Collection and Standarization

As a team partner, Cardno was contracted to compile and analyze existing utilities mapping data using GIS technology, update key system attributes, and reconcile Real Property inventory quantities for active and reserve USAF installations worldwide. 

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Map showing bodies of water

USFWS Water Resource Inventory and Assessments

Cardno is assisting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) with completing Water Resource Inventory and Assessments for more than a dozen National Wildlife Refuges in the U.S. Midwest.

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Screenshot of GIS dashboard of localised area in Broken Hill city NSW

Broken Hill Active Transport Plan

Cardno’s Transport Planning and GIS teams developed an interactive dashboard to help our client at the Broken Hill City Council visualise our recommended infrastructure upgrades and their costs dynamically in order to prioritise these based on the Council’s budget.

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DROMAS computer system screenshot with menus

Improvement of the Roads Maintenance System for us by the Dar es Salaam Local Authorities

DROMAS was built using free open source software during implementation of another Cardno programme that ended in late 2018. This was the UK Aid funded, Improving Rural Access Tanzania (IRAT). The system effectively maps and details expansive road networks, using engineering data input. 

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Our GIS Leaders making a difference every day

It’s not only today on GIS Day that we celebrate our GIS teams. Every day Liz Fulton (APAC GIS Operations Manager) & Lauren Federsel (AME GIS Lead) our GIS Leaders, are working on new technologies and improving existing technologies to ensure our GIS professionals are as effective as they can be.

Both Liz and Lauren are key contributors in the GIS space at Cardno, leading the way to amazing results for our clients. 

Here’s what they have to say about the evolving GIS space.


Headshot of Liz Fulton

The unknown!! I am constantly seeing new non-traditional ways of using spatial technology to solve problems and develop positive outcomes for our clients. Spatial technology is now fully in the hands of everyone, the day Esri released ArcGIS for Excel I knew that we had to quickly adapt as GIS professionals and break down the “Spatial Wall of Mystery” to give GIS to everyone. THe best example of breaking down the walls was when Autodesk and Esri announced a partnership. There are definitely challenges to being a GIS professional in an environmental and infrastructure consultancy so to have our key vendors recognize the need to partner and start to bridge the gap between GIS and CAD has been refreshing.

I am most excited about the mobile environment within GIS. “GIS is being exposed on the Web, through browsers and through mobile phones,” said Jack Dangermond, ESRI’s president. “That’s making it more accessible and usable. It will spread through whole new audiences. Executives who want to look at sophisticated geographic information and do sophisticated geographic analysis can do so through a mobile device.”  This access anywhere and anytime for our field staff and project managers is a game changer for Cardno and our clients. 

Headshot of Lauren Federsel


Headshot of Liz Fulton

Utilising spatial technology on projects is now far more rapid and accessible. We can spin up mobile & web spatial products very quickly and provide real time support to our field-based staff whilst giving our office staff access to live dashboards and project insights. By providing our project teams with easy access to the right spatial data we can enable them to make informed and timely decisions.

We are focusing on field services and data sharing at Cardno, and putting spatial information and technology into the hands of everyone. We can’t forget the importance of visualisation in terms of how we engage with stakeholders, particularly around design intent. The Cardno Digital team is improving our visualization and stakeholder engagement, creating immersive realities, web portals and analytics dashboards so our clients can obtain project updates in real time.

Recent advances in GIS technology have allowed Cardno to provide clients with a multitude of options for data acquisition, storage and visualization. Cardno’s geospatial team uses innovative data acquisition tools like ESRIs ArcGIS Collector and Survey 123 mobile mapping applications to improve GPS surveys, field data collection and the subsequent mapping and analysis of data collected in the field. These mobile data collection strategies provide value added services to our clients in many ways such as shortening the time for QAQC and data entry by creating prebuilt domains. We currently deploy Apple iPad mini devices with attached Trimble R1 GPS, to transmit near real-time data being gathered by field staff back to our ESRI ArcGIS Server. This methodology has expedited our field data collection, saved our clients billable hours, and enhanced the database administrator’s ability to maintain geospatial data integrity.

Headshot of Lauren Federsel


Headshot of Liz Fulton

It was a twist of fate, after high school I wanted to go to Uni, if I enrolled in a Bachelor of Spatial Information Systems, after 6 months I could transfer over to an IT degree, I had dreams of being a programmer. After a month learning about GIS I was hooked and continued on to do my undergraduate and then a Masters in GIS, I can proudly say I have done every spatial course CSU has to offer. After I graduated I was very fortunate to receive a scholarship with the NSW State Government and work for Spatial Services in Emergency Management and I very quickly saw how important location data is. Over the last 17 years I have had some great opportunities to be involved in the Australian and NSW spatial industry and Cardno has supported me on a quest to spatially enable the organization. I have a love of cartography and the power that spatial technology brings to solve problems and I love to share that with those in my world.

I have my masters in Geography and whenever I tell someone that they immediately ask me questions like what the capital of a specific state is or where a particular river is located. Geography is much more than that. I have always been fascinated in spatial patterns and GIS has made it possible for people like myself to work on projects that address large-scale problems – from enhancing humanitarian efforts such as disease control and city planning to providing habitat modeling to better manage natural resources. My passion for the industry is has never wavered. GIS is an ever-changing discipline and GIS professionals have more tools at their disposal than ever before, exciting times!

Headshot of Lauren Federsel

Our GIS experts are Award Winners

GIS Day is about seeing what others can’t. Each and every day our GIS and survey professional are being recognized by industry boards and associations for the great outcomes they are helping Cardno teams achieve.

Cardno's Surveyors recognised by Boards

Cardno’s spatial and surveying capabilities has been recognised by surveying Boards in Victoria and New South Wales (NSW).

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Cardno wins at the British Expertise International Awards 2019

Cardno’s International Development team recently won the prestigious British Expertise International Award, at the ceremony in London, for the Best International Development: Physical Project for the Improving Rural Access Tanzania (IRAT) programme, which was completed in 2018.

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All Cardno attendees sat at the dinner table with the award

Cardno shines at the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards NSW-ACT

Our APAC GIS team had a successful night at the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA) NSW-ACT in September, where they received one industry and two individual awards for their outstanding achievements.

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Amy Steiger, Liz Fulton and Austen Pepper with their APSEA Awards

Cardno displays our GIS expertise at ESRI User Conference

As part of the GEAS Mentor Program, Travis Gahm successfully presented his map on “Managing Critical Water Infrastructure on Ascension Island” at the ESRI International User conference Map Gallery. The team were fortunate to meet with Jordan Cullen from ESRI’s Product Marketing team to explain the unique geography and missions on Ascension Island and Cardno’s role in support of the US Air Force Utilities Linear Segmentation effort. This was a great opportunity to market our GIS capabilities and create awareness for the work we do at Cardno. 

Cardno employees at ESRI User Conference

Travis Gahm and Jonathan Navarro at the ESRI User Conference

Learn more about our work in survey and spatial and see the projects we’ve worked on.

For more information on Global GIS Day, please visit the Global GIS Day website