Acoustic, Noise and Vibrations

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We offer a full range of acoustic and vibration services, from construction management and building design, to impact assessments for major transport and industrial projects.

Collectively, our staff have almost 40 years of experience in acoustic consulting, noise and vibration assessment, and the design of appropriate practical mitigation.

Our experience ensures that practical, cost effective solutions are our priority, along with high levels of client communication to clearly identify and deliver the needs of the project and stakeholders.

We provide reporting, modelling and liaison services through project options analysis, environmental approvals, design, construction and compliance.

Our approach is to design to meet the regulatory and project requirements, utilising sound equipment and methodologies.

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Senior Acoustic Engineer, Aotearoa-New Zealand
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Project manager in safety gear overlooking construction site

Noise and Vibration Impact Assessments

Assessments for new and existing developments, including the provision of noise mitigation control plans to satisfy relevant standards and guidelines.

Sub surface utility work being done at an intersection

Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plans

Management plans to reduce the impact of noise and vibration during the construction phase as well as protecting the surrounding receptors.

Photo of engineers inspecting the construction of a building

Occupational Health and Safety Noise and Vibration Surveys

Surveys for residential, commercial and industrial facilities to prevent occupational issues, including recommendations on mitigation and the appropriate OHS protection.

Busy street with a blur of a tram passing by

Aircraft, Traffic, Rail and Plant Assessments

Assessments for new or existing projects, including recommendations to protect against noise intrusion.