Trudie Bradbury

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Regional Senior Principal - Geotechnical / Geology
Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Photo of Trudie Bradbury

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Building a local team of geoscientists and geotechnical professionals who can go beyond the day to day domestic and construction materials jobs and into some quite innovative areas.

How is it making a difference?

When I started with Cardno we were a very small, regionally isolated team that didn’t go much beyond domestic works. Since then we’ve grown into a significant team of engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers who are involved in jobs throughout Australia and Asia and our reputation is such that we get sought out to deal with the “interesting” jobs that other local consultancies throw in the too hard basket.

What is your Service Line and why are you passionate about it?

Engineering geology and geotechnics. I come from a geohazard background (rocks that want to kill you); and in this field we go beyond the identification into the remediation. Being in the APAC area we get to deal with all sorts of situations from expansive clays to the possibility of pyroclastic clouds overwhelming our worksites (though not so much of that in Mackay), and each area presents its own unique problems and solutions. Though a few more volcanoes wouldn’t go amiss!

Why Cardno?

Cardno has a huge diversity of divisions and projects. Work tends to be quite varied and there are many opportunities to get involved with other regions and countries.