Kevin Roberts

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Regional Senior Principal - Environmental Services
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Photo of Kevin Roberts

What is your greatest professional achievement?

As you grow in your career the things you see as your achievements change over time. Initially it may be about doing something that protects the environment on the ground, later it becomes success in developing a new guideline, a new standard or a new policy that achieves outcomes more broadly across the industry. Now it is about providing and supporting others to achieve those outcomes both from within my discipline and from other disciplines and industries. 

How is it making a difference?

To progress to a sustainable future requires many minds and the energy and dedication of new entrants to industry. I hope that I am making a difference by contributing to the development of the environment discipline by mentoring and guiding the next cohort of environment managers – perhaps building on the achievements and challenges of the past 30 years.

What is your Service Line and why are you passionate about it?

My service line is Environmental Services. I have worked in this field since completing studies over 30 years ago. Along with the other pioneers in the discipline we have created a body of work, legislation, guidelines and standards that are now applied as standard practice across the industry that improve environmental outcomes. The reward is seeing a civil contractor taking great care to protect habitat for a threatened species or restoring landscapes with local native species and being proud of the work they do.

Why Cardno?

Cardno is a company that supports and encourages technical excellence often in diverse and unusual areas. It does this by encouraging and rewarding professional development and professional recognition. We must, as a company have one of the highest ratios of nationally and internationally recognised experts across many disciplines of any professional services company.  Every day at work is an opportunity to learn something new.