Jason Early

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Regional Senior Principal - Water Supply
Ashland, Virginia, United States
Photo of Jason Early

Greatest professional achievement?

Evaluating, siting, testing, and permitting groundwater source wells for a variety of public drinking water systems as well as agricultural and industrial water supplies. My aquifer and water quality testing, modeling, and permitting work assists communities and clients develop efficient and cost-effective water supplies designed to meet their current and future water demands. 

How is it making a difference?

Clients come to me with a variety of water supply challenges. Some of these include water quality problems, such as existing wells exhibiting poor water chemistry. Other projects involve a shortage of existing water supply or regulatory limits on the volume of groundwater withdrawn. For public water sources, my work ultimately helps the community by providing reliable sources of safe drinking water and fire protection.  Agricultural and industrial clients are able to develop water supplies to meet their water quality and quantity requirements. Additionally, I evaluate the long-term sustainability of the groundwater supply, both under regulatory requirements to conserve the resource and for long-term management of the public water system or business.   

What is your technical expertise?

Finding, developing, and permitting developing new sources of groundwater for public, agricultural, and industrial use. 

What makes you tick?

The challenge of solving clients’ problems, helping them find adequate supplies of water for their needs and assisting them through the development, testing, and permitting of water well sources. I am driven by learning and cannot resist looking at data and yearn to understand what that data is telling us.   

Why Cardno?

I enjoy being part of a global team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals. The technical resources that have become available to me since I joined Cardno are exceptional and have helped me to succeed in growing our water supply business in the area.

What do you do to relax?

Fossil hunting, mountain hiking, and playing guitar.

Any other wise words?

As a professional scientist, never forget the excitement of discovery.