Doug Stoker

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Regional Senior Principal - Infrastructure Engineering
Clearwater, Florida, United States
Photo of Doug Stoker

What is your greatest professional achievement?

I served as the structural Engineer of Record for eight replacement bridges that were part of operational improvements to a three-level system to system interchange. The complex geometry and challenging maintenance of traffic restrictions required innovative solutions.

How is it making a difference?

The interchange operational improvements allow for better traffic flow, reduced pollution, and increased safety.

What is your Service Line and why are you passionate about it?

I am passionate about my Infrastructure Service Line because it affords Cardno engineers the opportunity to make real and visible impacts to people’s daily lives. Whether it be through relieving congestion in a crowded roadway network, rehabilitating a deficient bridge, or reducing the nitrogen levels in a waste water plant’s effluent, society as a whole benefit from the creative solutions developed by infrastructure engineers.

Why Cardno?

Cardno balances the needs of its employees with the needs of its clients. This harmony promotes a partnership that encourages innovation and creativity.