Don McClarin

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Regional Senior Principal - Planning Design
Hampton, Virginia, United States
Photo of Don McClarin

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Though I could name a number of individual memorable accomplishments, I think my greatest professional achievement in total, and continuing today, is identifying, hiring, and developing fantastic talent. Planning and design activities, particularly for the spectrum of Government agencies for whom I have primarily worked, require flexibility in thinking and decisive applicability of skills, and I pride myself on some of the teams I have had the pleasure to work with.

How is it making a difference?

While planning and design projects involve and even demand a certain amount of formulaic thinking, client satisfaction and relationships often evolve from the introduction of intellectual insight in the well-placed “what if” or “how about” and this requires that small, thoughtful, motivated team. Our clients love to collaborate in creating something more than they thought possible.

What is your Service Line and why are you passionate about it?

Planning & Design. As both a Certified Planner and Professional Engineer, I’ve spent my career drifting between the two worlds and more frequently, had a foot in each. The impact of either on the other can be tremendous, and the right perspective and vision can have a lasting impact on development of client programs and projects.

Why Cardno?

I think that Cardno can be as important to our clients as it is to me, and for the same reasons. We have in agility what we lack in volume, in vision what we lack in force, and an ambitious professional talent pool that do anything we set our minds to, and this makes a difference.