Craig Blount

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Regional Senior Principal - Aquatic Ecology
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Greatest professional achievement?

Being part of a team that has successfully expanded sensitive marine habitat in Botany Bay in parallel with a port expansion.

How is it making a difference?

This has raised the benchmark in port development from a mindset of aiming for ‘no net loss’ (to sensitive habitat) to one that aims for ‘net benefit’.

What is your technical expertise?

Aquatic (marine and freshwater) ecology and fisheries science.

What makes you tick?

Working in a profession where I know that every minute I spend contributes to a better aquatic environment for future generations.

Why Cardno?

Cardno offers smart solutions to complex problems by harnessing a network of highly-skilled professionals with complementary skills.

What do you do to relax?

I like to spend most of my down time surfing, fishing or snorkelling in special places with my friends and family.

Any other wise words?

I’m a big believer that change begins with the individual. My favourite quote of all time is from Mother Teresa, who once said “It may feel that what you do is only a drop in the ocean but the ocean would be less without that drop.”

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